Boys in Their Prime is a program designed to celebrate and bring together boys who dance. From ages of 6 onwards to have a platform on stage, in front of an audience and showcase their skills and talents.


Over the last 10 years the growth in boys joining a dance school, after school dance club and choosing to further their development in dance is staggering. At Dance Challenge we feel this should be highlighted and gives more reason for them to join together and perform.


The Program is designed to work with children in Primary Education for 10 weeks, working with them to develop in their style of dance and putting together a routine to perform at the event. We also invite local dance groups, schools, colleges and other training institutes to perform at the event. These male dancers can range from the ages of 10 – 16 years old.


From our very first Boys in Their Prime Showcase in December 2015 our performer and audience members left saying the following –


“Boys in Their Prime is such a great idea and gives young lads the opportunity to feel comfortable to perform they love, in a positive environment surrounded by other boys. The stigma attached to boys and dancing is rapidly disappearing thanks to things like this, which is great after all most dance forms were created by men! I love being able to take my male student to this event and can’t wait for the next. Get Involved.”

Simon Hundley – Jago Dance Studio.


The event takes place at the end of every year. We are always seeking for new performers to join us on stage.